Own the Night
Eyeshine Technologies
Attn: Jon Bray
210 Houndridge Rd
Grantsburg, IL 62943
About Us
From a rural area in Southern Illinois, Jon Bray has made the outdoors his way of life. From a very young age, he started hunting and fishing in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest and that carried on into young adulthood.

Hunting wasn’t always a day time pastime. Many times, he hunted late at night and early in the morning. Since hunting demands the need to go unseen, illuminating the night-time hunting experience can be rather difficult.

In 2012, Jon has taken it upon himself to expand his horizons with Eyeshine Technologies, our new brand of eye shine illuminating green lights which are practically invisible to your prey.  After some trial and error, he has found the perfect solution to night time hunting.

Also, beneficial are the white lights, red lights, and blue lights. Perfect for illuminating any situation, these powerful lights can reach up to [number] feet. These lights are a favorite of law enforcement officials and maintenance workers.

With Eyeshine Technologies on the heels of some of the biggest pioneers in outdoor hunting equipment, they plan to keep up with the ever changing world of outdoor products and add another layer of originality so you can own the night!